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About Jump

About Jump

What is it?

Sometime we share a crypto currency news with a small Mining toolbar.
The URLS look like this https://xmr.press/jump/ToS
On this pages we ask you to help as supporter of our beta Project.
This page as https safe page, include a js from COINIMP crypto browser hash mining.

Calm down... it's nothing serious!
No installations, no spam, no virus, no malware, no unsafe contents!

What he does?

This script asks your CPU to work a little, and solve some hashes.

This happen ONLY during the time, in which the toolbar will remain active.
You can close it at any time.
Mining will end immediately, without further requests.

It is just a bit of your power and time, for help and support us!

Huh, ok. So what i have to do?

Nothing to do.
Just browse and enjoy read the News.

My browser use ADBlock. What happens?

With adblock, nothing happens, even the script is blocked.
And..you can still browse and enjoy read the News.

Thank you!